Latitud : 28º 27’ 52” S Longitud : 71º 15’ 54” W

Water Density : 1,027
Load Line Zone : Tropical
Tidal range & flor : Range 1,0 mts.
Charts : 3070 Adm NP7
Vessel’s Wharfage : – Guacolda I USD 0,86 per meter of LOA per hour : – Guacolda II USD 1,70 per meter of LOA per tour (if the previous or next berthing port do not belong to CMP [Cía. Minera del pacífico]) USD 0,70 per meter of LOA per tour (if Guayacán was the previous or will be the next berthing port)
Cargo’s Wharfage : Break Bulk Cargo : Not applicable
Bulk Cargo : Not applicable
TUP (Port Utilization Due) : Not applicable




Max. Length


Max. Draught


(feet)          (mts.)

Max Beam



Guacolda I




240 44’ 03” 13,50 40 Max. Air Draft 16 mts. (loading / unloading payloader)

12 x 220 mts mooring ropes non (wire combined)

Guacolda II



315 72’ 02” 22,00 55 Max. Air Draft 18 mts.

(under shiploader)

12 x 220 MTRS. Mooring ropess

(*) Remarks:

Guacolda I For discharge of coal for electrical power plant and same general or proyect cargo.
Guacolda II For loading pelletised iron ore.
Guacolda III At both berths tankers discharge fuel and diesel oil by connecting on the piers pipelines.